Health in History is an interuniversity network of scholars who work on the history of knowledge, medicine and the body in Belgium and (for the earlier eras) the Southern Netherlands.

The network was founded in January 2015 at the University of Leuven. Its main aim is to stimulate research and scholarly exchange among researchers in the field of medical history in its broadest meaning.

The network sustains academic projects in the field such as seminars and conferences and it gave rise to a current publication project, a collective edited volume Medical Histories of Belgium.

The activities of the network constitute a scholarly complement to the work of Hospitium, the Belgian Society for the History of Hospitals and Health Care, which also covers the field of medical heritage.

The network invites all scholars with an interest in the history of health, medicine and knowledge to join.

All members receive a bi-monthly newsletter with updates on new publications, call for papers and other academic news. Membership can be obtained by mailing to joris.vandendriessche@kuleuven.be and tinne.claes@kuleuven.be.