Gewina Spring Meeting – 5 April 2019

Large Conference Room at the Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren

Partners: Gewina – Belgian-Dutch Society for the History of Science and Universities/ Cultural History since 1750 Research Group of KU Leuven/ National Committee for Logics, History and Philosophy of Science (Royal Academies for Science and the Arts of Belgium/ Royal Museum for Central Africa

Medicine was an inseparable part of colonialism. Research on tropical diseases was carried out in laboratories. (Ship) doctors supported colonial expeditions. Missionaries tried to push a western ideal of reproduction onto the natives. Colonial companies watched over the health of the workforce in order not to hamper economic production. All of this also added to providing the colonial presence with a humanitarian imprint. This colloquium focuses on the multiple connections between medicine and colonialism, in relation to the Low Countries. Find the full program here.

Image: Catholic nun among yaws patients in Inongo (Congo) in 1930. (c) Archives Africaines, Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.